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Ahmed Halane, 22, brother of Zahra and Salma Halne, 17, is now living in Aarhus, Denmark

Somalia: Terror Suspect of British living freely’ in Denmark

(May 21, 2015)

The terror suspect brother of the twin schoolgirls who fled Britain to become jihadi brides is ‘living freely’ in Denmark Midnimo.com reported on Thursday evening 21 May 22, 2015. Ahmed
Westminster Magistrates Court

Somalia:British man charged with trying to join Al Shabab in Somalia

A young man has been charged with preparing to travel to Somalia to join Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab Midnimo.com reported on Thursday 21 May 2015. Trevor Mulindwa, 20, of Mitcham in south London, was charged
(May 21, 2015)
Members of al-Shabaab, which was reportedly targeted in a foreign military raid on the Somali coast

Somalia: Al Shabab seized Kenyan mosque short time

Militants from the Islamist group, al-Shabab, briefly seized a mosque in the Kenyan town of Garissa midnimo.com reported on Thursday 21 May 2015. Heavily armed militia, suspected to be Al Shabaab, stormed two mosques in
(May 21, 2015)
Howlgal dad lagu qabtay

Somalia:Al Shabaab Suspected Arrested after Joint security operation in Mogadishu Photos

Five suspected members of the Somali militant group Al-Shabaab were captured Wednesday in a joint security operation in Mogadishu, officials said midnimo.com reported. The five, who are believed to have sneaked into the city with
(May 20, 2015)
Iran ship Shahed The ship, which Tehran says is carrying 2,400 tons of food and 100 tons of medicine, is heading to Djibouti where the UN has its hub for the distribution of aid to Yemen

Djibouti:Iranian ship with Yemen aid heading to Djibouti

An Iranian aid ship destined for Yemen bowed to pressure from Saudi Arabia and the United States on Wednesday and will dock in Djibouti to allow the United Nations to inspect its cargo Midnimo.com reported.
(May 20, 2015)

Somalia’s al-Shabab ‘taking the wrong path’

Somalia is a country still fighting a bloody civil war. But as the government slowly begins to reassert its authority some former al-Shabab militants are leaving the group. One of the most senior figures to
(May 20, 2015)
military court

Somalia: military court executed well trained Al Shabab commandos in Baidoa

The Somali military court on Tuesday executed a suspected member of the militant group Al- Shabaab for attacking senior Somali politicians in the southern Somali town of Baidoa Midnimo.com reported. The court said Siraji Abdullahi
(May 19, 2015)
refugees arrived Mogadishu Airport

Somalia:The humanitarian situation in Somalia remains alarming after 7,000 Somali refugees returned home

About 7,000 refugees have fled to Somalia from war-torn Yemen since a Saudi-led bombing campaign was launched, compounding the dire humanitarian situation in Somalia, a UN envoy said Wednesday. Nicholas Kay, the special representative for
(May 19, 2015)
UN Security Council

Somalia:UN warned that Al Shabab militants disrupt 2016 Somalia elections

The UN envoy to Somalia warned that al-Shabab militants are expected to do everything they can to derail elections next year and urged military forces to prepare to respond to any sign the Islamist group
(May 19, 2015)

Focus report: 15 Germans fighting in Somalia for al-Shabab

According to a magazine, about 15 Germans are fighting for the Somali terror militia al-Shabab. Focus reported the number after six residents of the western city of Bonn were indicted upon their return from Somalia.
(May 18, 2015)